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February 27, 2006


KGTD and Next Actions in iCal

Update: Ethan has included this functionality in the latest version (0.83) of KGTD. I’ll leave this up for anyone who doesn’t want to upgrade yet.

I love, and live by, Ethan Schoonover’s KGTD. However, I also use my Treo to take care of tasks while commuting. However, KGTD doesn’t sync tasks into iCal so that I can identify Next Actions in each Context. So I modified Ethan’s code slightly, and now Next Actions sync as “important” priority tasks, and all other tasks have no priority.
I’m certain Ethan will include a similar feature in the next version of KGTD, but if you need this functionality right now, you can download the modified version of the Sync script.
Modified 0.75.2 Sync.script
To install it, after uncompressing it:

  • Run the current Sync script from KGTD, and then sync all your devices to make sure all your data is in place.
  • Quit KGTD
  • Backup your iCal data, and KGTD just incase something unexpected happens
  • Delete all your tasks in iCal. This prevents duplicate tasks
  • Open the “/Library/Scripts/Applications/OmniOutliner Pro/Kinkless” folder.
  • Rename “Sync” to “Original Sync”
  • Copy the modified “Sync” to the Kinkless folder
  • I’ve only modified a couple of lines in Ethan’s script, but something unexpected might still go wrong. You use this script at your own risk; I am not responsible for any lost data. That said, I’ve been using it daily for months without any problems.

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    1. Mar 1 2006

      Nice little modification, Conrad. It seems to work well for me. Thanks!

    2. Apr 10 2006

      i am newby GTD’er, a treo owner and about to make the big SWITCH (just $500 more)…anyway I would love to hear more about how u integrate the treo, kinkless, and mac in using gtd. I was thinking of going the Entourage route becuz i figured it would sync better with my treo, but see u and Merlin have been using kGTD lately. Any sync issues? Any extra Palm software u use?

    3. Apr 11 2006

      I highly recommend two applicaitons to use with KGTD and the Treo:
      * Mark/Space MissingSync and
      * HandsHigh Slap
      With MissingSync I sync to Address Book and to iCal which I use much like Merlin does with KGTD. Slap is my GTD inbox when I’m not at my computer. I have it mapped to the Mail button on the Treo, and use it to quickly jot things down as I think of them. Once or twice a day, I go through everything I’ve written down in it, and create Tasks, email, or DayNotez entries from it.
      I use Entourage for email, but nothing else. I sync contacts to it from Address Book via my Exchange server. If you’d like to use KGTD, you pretty much have to use iCal. My experience with Entourage’s new SyncServices support has been very negative, so I’m sticking with iCal myself.

    4. Aug 1 2006

      Help! It seems you are the only one who is able to have Treo, iCal and kGTD work nicely. Everyone is not able to get task that are marked “complete” on the Treo to update in kGTD. How are you geting them to play nice?

    5. Conrad
      Aug 2 2006

      This hint describes KGTD 0.75.2, not .8+. Maybe switch back to 0.75.2?

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