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October 10, 2005


ELBT595 and the Treo 650

Connecting the Treo 650 to the ELBT595 was a snap.

Make the ELBT595 base discoverable by:
• System Setup -> Bluetooth -> Select Mobile -> Empty -> Find Me

On the Treo:
• go to the Bluetooth application
• select Setup Devices
• then select “Hands-free Setup”
• Find the base and connect with the PIN displayed on the base
• Then when the pairing is complete, the Treo will ask if you’re connecting to a “Headset” or a “Car Kit” – Select “Car Kit” and then “Done”
If your Treo doesn’t ask you if you’re connecting to Headset or Car Kit, then you’re probably using an older firmware on your Treo. Please upgrade your Treo and try again.

Treating the ELBT595 as a Car Kit makes the whole set up work correctly.

However, Car Kits keep an open Bluetooth connection with the Treo. This will drain your battery more rapidly. Consider keeping your Treo in a charger near your ELBT595 base. Also, this means that your Treo’s Bluetooth connection is incessantly occupied – as long as the Treo is in range of the ELBT595, you can’t send files to the Treo via Bluetooth from any other devices nor can you connect your Bluetooth headset to the Treo directly.

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  1. Michael
    Oct 17 2005

    What was not mentioned in this article and what would be very important to know are 2 things: A firmware version of author’s cell phone and a cellular provider he/she uses.

  2. Conrad
    Oct 19 2005

    My Treo 650 is a Sprint model with ROM 1.12.

  3. Jason
    Apr 7 2006

    Good luck trying this with a Verizon Treo 650! Verizon has disabled so many bluetooth features on this phone. It pairs with the VZW Treo 650, but does not behave like a “car kit”, so you can’t receive cell calls on the Uniden. Completely useless. It sucks too, since the Uniden seems like a really neat unit. 🙁

  4. Oscar
    Sep 14 2006

    I have tried with no luck. They do pair but will not receive any calls if phone goes standby. Look at uniden response to my inquiry.

    Your Question :
    I am unable to use my uniden phone with my treo 650. It did connect prefectly, the uniden recognizes it.

    But if the treo goes in standby mode it will not pair to uniden to make or receive calls.

    I have tried with other cel phones and work perfect.

    I told uniden phone to always look for the phone everyminute, when it does, it finds it, but in orden to send/receive calls it has to be within 10 seconds or treo goes back to standby.

    Any sucess stories? i saw on your webpage that it is in fact compatible with tro 650


    Our Solution :
    Thank you for using our system.

    Thank you for contacting Uniden with your question.

    The Treo isn’t a compatible phone with the ELBT595. The Palm Treo isnt listed on our web site as a compatable phone.

    Thank you for choosing Uniden.


  5. Sep 14 2006

    Take a look at the message posted here. Even though it discusses a different model Treo, the advice may help you.

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