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Archive for February, 2006


KGTD and Next Actions in iCal

Update: Ethan has included this functionality in the latest version (0.83) of KGTD. I’ll leave this up for anyone who doesn’t want to upgrade yet.

I love, and live by, Ethan Schoonover’s KGTD. However, I also use my Treo to take care of tasks while commuting. However, KGTD doesn’t sync tasks into iCal so that I can identify Next Actions in each Context. So I modified Ethan’s code slightly, and now Next Actions sync as “important” priority tasks, and all other tasks have no priority.
I’m certain Ethan will include a similar feature in the next version of KGTD, but if you need this functionality right now, you can download the modified version of the Sync script.
Modified 0.75.2 Sync.script
To install it, after uncompressing it:

  • Run the current Sync script from KGTD, and then sync all your devices to make sure all your data is in place.
  • Quit KGTD
  • Backup your iCal data, and KGTD just incase something unexpected happens
  • Delete all your tasks in iCal. This prevents duplicate tasks
  • Open the “/Library/Scripts/Applications/OmniOutliner Pro/Kinkless” folder.
  • Rename “Sync” to “Original Sync”
  • Copy the modified “Sync” to the Kinkless folder
  • I’ve only modified a couple of lines in Ethan’s script, but something unexpected might still go wrong. You use this script at your own risk; I am not responsible for any lost data. That said, I’ve been using it daily for months without any problems.


    Safari Google Toolbar-like Highlighting

    I find using a web browser to be a more pleasant experience when I can use the Google Toolbar. The features that make using it so much more pleasant is being able to pinpoint where in the result document my query terms appeared. I feel like it enables me to quickly get at the “meat” of the information I’m searching for. I love Safari, but have used Firefox because the Google Toolbar is available for it. Thanks to Pierre-Luc Samuel’s superb Ultimate Highlight Bookmarklet 1.5b, I was well on my way to getting my beloved highlighting back. My only problem with it was that I often write more specific queries to Google; most often including quoted phrases. Unfortunately, his Safari-compatible Bookmarklet didn’t handle quoted phrases. Below is my update to his bookmarklet that now supports quoted phrases as well.
    Highlight (Note: Bookmarklet updated March 04, 07)
    Drag the link above to Safari’s Bookmark Bar. I recommend dragging it all the way to the left on the Bookmark Bar. If you do, you can simple hit Command-1 and quickly launch and, when hit again, quit the highlighting of your last search phrase.
    The Bookmarklet has a few problems, the most important of which is that it relies of the google referrer link to provide the query terms. If you run it from a page that you didn’t connect to from a Google results page, you’ll have to enter the terms you want highlighted by hand.