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Archive for October, 2005


ELBT595 and the Treo 650

Connecting the Treo 650 to the ELBT595 was a snap.

Make the ELBT595 base discoverable by:
• System Setup -> Bluetooth -> Select Mobile -> Empty -> Find Me

On the Treo:
• go to the Bluetooth application
• select Setup Devices
• then select “Hands-free Setup”
• Find the base and connect with the PIN displayed on the base
• Then when the pairing is complete, the Treo will ask if you’re connecting to a “Headset” or a “Car Kit” – Select “Car Kit” and then “Done”
If your Treo doesn’t ask you if you’re connecting to Headset or Car Kit, then you’re probably using an older firmware on your Treo. Please upgrade your Treo and try again.

Treating the ELBT595 as a Car Kit makes the whole set up work correctly.

However, Car Kits keep an open Bluetooth connection with the Treo. This will drain your battery more rapidly. Consider keeping your Treo in a charger near your ELBT595 base. Also, this means that your Treo’s Bluetooth connection is incessantly occupied – as long as the Treo is in range of the ELBT595, you can’t send files to the Treo via Bluetooth from any other devices nor can you connect your Bluetooth headset to the Treo directly.


ELBT595 Base Reset

So you’ve got your fancy Uniden ELBT595 cordless phone, and new handsets aren’t registering with the base anymore, or maybe you’ve just got all sorts of messed up settings and just want to reset everything and start over. It’s not documented anywhere else, so here’s how to do it:
• Unplug the AC adapter from the back of the base
• Remove the backup battery from the base
• Press and hold both the do-not-disturb (dnd) key and the delete (ø) key.
• Keep holding them down while you plug in the AC adapter again.
• Wait until you hear a long beep.
• You can release the keys now.
• Unplug the base, replace the backup battery, and plug the base in again.

Now you’ve got a fully cleared base.

You can press and hold ‘end’ and ‘#’ on the handset, then select “Replacing Base” then drop the handset back in the base to reregister it as the #1 handset.

I had to do this because the handset that shipped with mine wasn’t properly registered to the base. When I finally succeeded at registering the handset with the base it was shown as #2. I hoped that by registering the handset repeatedly, I’d reach #10, then loop back around to #1. No luck. It just stopped accepting handset registrations when I reached #10. Clearing the base’s memory is the only way to get back to #1.

Now, if someone could point me to the method for wiping the memory of a handset…