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Put Your Best Foot Forward

I don’t know why I was surprised. I stopped by the Apple Store this weekend and discovered that not a single MacBook on display had the 1GB of RAM that all MacBooks ship with. Every single one had 2GB.

Is Apple saying something tacitly about the MacBook line? Does what the average consumer who walks into an Apple Store need 2GB to do what they wants to do with a MacBook? How bad does a MacBook appear to those same consumers were it running with only 1GB?

I wondered immediately if there was some bad advertising afoot, but all the little placards next to each MacBook listed the standard configuration in large bold print at the top, and listed a build-to-order configuration, one with 2GB, below that in a smaller font. However, the style of disclaimer that appears on car ads (priced as shown: $large-sum-of-dough includes optional packages) was nowhere on the placards.

And when I asked a store employee where I could find a MacBook with 1GB, he looked at each of the “About This Mac…” dialogs, and noticed, that indeed, they all had 2GB. He then said, “I have to go. There are other customers.” in a fast, but quiet, tone of voice, and stepped a few paces away looking about nervously; as if I he had accidentally divulged a company secret. Don’t worry fella – I won’t tell anyone.


Pandora bookmarklet and widget

I love using Pandora. Here’s a bookmarklet to put into your bookmarks bar to launch the player quickly. I spent some time trying to write a Dashboard widget for this player too, but because it’s Flash, and Dashboard doesn’t support interactive Flash very well, and because I don’t have the player’s code, I scrapped it.



I guess I can’t say that I never win anything. PalmOne gave away 144 Treos and said there were about 1.7 million entries. Now, what to do with two Treo 650s…