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Eskimo-Kiss Your iPhone When It’s Cold Out

What do you do when your iPhone rings, and it’s freezing outside? You’ve got gloves on, and the touch sensitive display won’t respond to your mitts. Either you can take off your gloves, and freeze your fingertips off, or Eskimo-kiss your iPhone. Two bits of advice: get some practice in now before your nose starts running on a daily basis, and get used to wiping your nose on your glove before touching the iPhone, otherwise get used to cleaning the crusties off of the display.


Working at Night

I tend to work very late into the night. I just got a LightWedge Night Vision to help me read in bed. It works very well and means I can fall asleep reading in bed instead of at my desk. I sometimes code or write on my PowerBook in bed too, and Brightness Control is invaluable for this. I also use a Dell 2005FPW at my desk, and Brightness Control is equally valuable there to reign in the extreme brightness of that display. Using this new book light has made me wish the display would dim into the red more. My best guess is that Splasm uses the Cocoa ColorSync framework to dim the display. I imagine it wouldn’t be too hard for them to add a red or a blue-green slider, though I imagine that would be confusing for novice users. Perhaps just a “Red” and/or a “Blue-Green”, or a “Night-Vision” checkbox would be enough.